lunes, octubre 03, 2005

Quien ha creado el Power Roof TM

SolarGenix Energy (formerly Duke Solar) and Innovative Design have combined advanced solar technology and sustainable architecture to produce a unique building-integrated solar thermal solution – the Power Roof™. These systems are now being implemented in offices and industrial buildings throughout the world.


Anonymous igor said...

WE plan to develope STIRLING MOTOR WHO WILL USE DIRECT SOLAR PARABOLIC THROW ENERGY. If any interesting to joint the proejct we are open for partners.

Best regards !


8:43 a. m.  
Blogger daimon said...

Hi Igor, this is Damian from U.M.H in Elche (spain), the author of the project.
I've finished the study of a parabolic throw device. Maybe the department where I am working is interested in joining you. So, if you are still interested, contact me to: "damian.crespi @" (Of course the address is all together)

2:12 a. m.  

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