miércoles, septiembre 28, 2005

Puede que haya encontrado algo

En este link, dice:

APS' 1 MW solar trough plant at the Saguaro power plant will heat mineral oil to between 250° and 500°F, lower temperature than used in other plants. Flowing through a heat exchanger, the heated oil will vaporize pentane, a hydrocarbon, which in turn will drive the turbine. The vapor then will condense back into liquid form and the cycle will repeat. This approach represents a departure from existing solar thermal plants, which use steam driven turbines. The capital cost for a steam turbine would be too great for such a small plant, instead, APS will use a 1-MW turbine similar to a geothermal plant’s.

Esto significan entre 121ºC y 260ºC. Con aceite térmico.
Voy a ver si encuentro una Web de dicha planta.

Información sobre la planta:

The natural gas-fueled Saguaro Power Plant, north of Tucson, Arizona, has two steam units and three combustion turbine units. APS operates and owns all five of the generating units that have a combined capacity of about 395 megawatts available to the APS system.